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My elder niece asked me a quiz after she awaked from her afternoon sleep.
She said “What is Dog Painting?”

I looked at her and putting my thinking hat. Dog can paint? That must be an intelligent Dog in the world. How the dog hold the paint brushes? Can the dog differentiate all the colour and decide which colour to use? Or perhaps she is saying painting the dog? The more I think, the more questions pop onto my head. I don’t have any clue to the answer and looking at her blankly.



Then she laughs and said “First, put the paint onto the Dog’s legs and let her walk on top of the paper. Then, you got the Painting done by the Dog. Hahahaha!”

Oh my god! What a simple answer yet as a growth up, I couldn’t able to answer that. Perhaps, as we growth older, we adopt more knowledge and putting more things onto our brain. Our thinking became too complicated . Or adults have the tendency of “over-thinking” or in doubt of other people saying … So next time, listen carefully to what a child said.

The best part is when I asked her where she learn this quiz, she said “While I asleep, God send this quiz to me!”.


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