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Everyone has a talent;

Every talent can earn you a living.

There is no limit to the ways you can earn!!!


I found this quote when reading one of the article. Very true as the quote said, every human being born in this world is given by God a certain talent. Every talent can be utilize in good use and earn themselves a living.

A person talented in cooking can turn themselves to a chef.

A person talented in baking can consider open a bakery shop.

A person talented in animal care can work in the pets grooming business.

 It is the matter of how you discover your own talent. Unfortunately, most people are too busy and occupied with the day to day job and daily life. They don’t have time to do self analysis and discover what their talent is. They are too occupied with chasing the lifestyle and their day to day routine works. Some even have to scarify their talent in exchange of the financial need.

One of the good example is one of my friend has the talent in photographing, however due to the work & life demand, she is unable to progress further into her interest and talent in this field. She is too occupied into her work and required the money to support the family.

 Sometime to make what you talent into living required lot of patience and determination. It is always the difficult moment at the beginning stage, no matter what task we do. Like baby began learning how to walk, they need to felt down many times and climbing up again.  Not easy, but doesn’t mean not possible.

As a parents, we should monitor the growth of our child and observe what the child talented in. Once identify that, they can began to nurture them into that field and hopefully in the near future, our society will developed more of people like Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Einstein and so forth.


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