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Love is Service


Charity work is one of the tasks that I always wanted to do for a very long time. Due to the work demand and long working hour, I always put the charity at the back of my head. Until recently, I managed to find the time for this mission task.


The charity that I participate is held by the Church of St. Francis. The IHD Ministry is holding a “Soup Kitchen” every Saturday. They cook, buying food or groceries for the needy, providing medical care and medication, visiting, talking, listening, sharing and help the poor.


I pay a visit to their Saturday “Soup Kitchen” today. The church member cooked a big pile of fried rice and making some soft-drink for the 70 over Myamar refugee children.



The children are all well-discipline. The elder one helped to arrange the eating place for the small one. Each child is queuing and taking their turn to their sitting place. Do not flight over food or making loud noise. I am so in touch to see all these well-trained kids. After eat, they placed the plate to the designated place and help to clean up the place.


Even though, those children are not giving the best in their life, but I can see the joys, happiness and satisfaction in their face. Not like our children, do not know what “suffer” means. Giving them fried rice, but demanding for McD or KFC. Not these children here, a plate of fried rice for them is so priceless.


This visit does open my eyes and perspective. Happiness doesn’t means you have to be rich, living in big house and eating big fish & meats everyday. A simpler meal may means a huge happiness for a hunger man.



Appreciate what you have now. Extend your help to those that needy. It is not just the money you donate, your present to be with them can really makes a huge different. You will experience the inner joys and light within you. Trust me, I experienced this myself. 




Love cannot remain by itself – it has no meaning.

Love has to be put into action, and that action is service. 


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