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Change”  – The world we are living is changing each day, same to our surrounding. Whether you like it or not, we have to face the change. Change is not easy for some people. The scare of the uncertainty, the scare of failure, the new adjustment of lifestyle and so forth.

When come to life and career changes, lots of people are facing a difficult time in making the decision whether to change or to stay put. Many workers are not happy with their employment – they complaint over and over again, unhappy with their bosses & colleagues & companies, unsatisfied with their salary and remuneration, and one going of nagging. However, they still remain in the company and doing the same old routine tasks years after years.

Why they don’t take action to resolve the issue and thing they not happy with?   

It simple…. Scare of Change!!! 

Reasons we have been heard are “If I quit, I may not able to find another job that provide me so and so salary and package”; “Without this job, I cannot able to survive with all my commitment & expenses”; “I am too old to move on to other job, no one will want to recruit me” and many more to tell.

Change can be a scary thing to some people. However, positive people take change as ways to open them another opportunity and perhaps towards something they are awaiting which they never experienced before.

 Change is something like closing one door and open another door to face all the new excitement and new experiences.

 It is your choice of whether to accept the Change that offer to you now. Only you can make the decision and no one else. Think smart and Act wise.


Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending

(Maria Robinson)


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Living a life that without making any decision is impossible.

For the past two years, I have been living in a simple life … taking up a freelance teaching job, escaping from the corporate life, all the tension & stress from works and the nightmare  of working hours.  Living my life as there is no tomorrow. Of course, the downside is a huge scarified  in term of pay check and living a luxury lifestyle.

Two years ventured into children teaching and allowing me to re-evaluate my goal, my passion and my direction of life. At time, I began to questioned why I took up some paths that getting me longer to achieve what I want… why no one telling me what to do when I took up the wrong road… and so forth.  Those are the past.

Now, in front of me is another junction of life to choose from.  Which road should I continues my journey onto…. *thinking…. *thinking…. *thinking… and *keep thinking…. *still thinking….   making decision is not easy thing and guess we have to accept it as that is part of our life.

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I have read a book about “The Three Boxes of Life”. It explained that most people will go through three boxes of life, namely “The World of Education”, “The World of Work”, “The World of Retirement”. It also stated that The World of Education and Retirement have been getting longer and longer. People are delaying their entrance into the “World of Work” until a later and later age, as they pursue more and more Education; and a lot of people are retiring much earlier than they used to.  


Now, looking back at my own life…

I have spent my 20 years devoted to mostly education & learning. I completed by Degree & Master Degree at the age of 34. And almost another 20 plus years dedicated 100% to my work, spending day & night to fulfilled my responsibility as a good employee and be a good example to my fellow-colleagues and subordinates.

Looking at my next 20 and next 20 more years to come… (that if I can live till my 60 years & 80 years of birthday).  It started prompted me a query, “what kind of life journey that I am going to face in coming years?”; “what kind of life that I want to have?”. 


Year 2007 is my departure of my “Work For People life”. I want to escape from this no meaning work and doing something that I always dreamt of. I used to work in IT & Project Management field.  On-going stressful projects one after another, managing challenging subordinates, dealing with demanding bosses, non-stop on-going calls the first step to your office desk, meeting over meeting, beating heavy traffic to work in the morning, staying till mid-night 1 – 2am, and so forth.  I always asking myself, “Is this the life that I want for my next 20 years till my retirement age?”; “What you going to do after your retirement age?” …



Year 2008, my passion and inner-soul search … A year that I told myself that I don’t want my life to end just like that… no friends, no meaning, no passion, no sense of direction, no time for my love one, myself and my family… I took the courage to give myself a total change. First, the change of my mind-set and habits; Second, is the acceptance of big scarify in income. 


It is indeed a challenging year for me. With no monthly income coming in, but plenty of time, and ongoing questioning whether my decision is right or wrong.  The next question came into me is “What you want to do now? You have plenty of time? Do something! Do what? What is my passion? What else can I do besides IT & Project Management”.


Very true… with so much time now and sudden changed of lifestyle. It does makes me felt lost at time. With God helps, I finally decided the path that I want to proceed. It has been in my sub-conscious mind all this time, which I am unable to see it clearly with both my eyes and the courage to accept it.


I have spend so many months doing the outer search, reading books after books, life-changing articles after articles, discussion with all my friends & family. Still the answer is no way can be found.


Till recently, when attended a Sunday mass in church. One of the word that the priest said make my whole world change… he said, if you want the answer to your life purpose, you don’t need to search elsewhere, or go up to mountain over mountain, river over river to search it. The simple answer lies in front of you… PRAY to God. He is always there waiting for you… waiting for you to come to him and let him helps you to unburden your worries, problems and guide you through the path.


It is true, after few weeks of prayers to God… my upcoming path & journey is much clearer to me now.  I no longer struggler and be able to focus more on what coming to me and receiving it with happy and welcoming hand.  I am happy that I managed to escaped from the dark jungle and walking toward the brighter road of my life journey now.


God Bless and Thanks for reading!


Do you have any great life change experience to share here with us?


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Robotic Human

I read about this from a book, share with me what is your opinion on this.


The author stated in the book that today human is more like a robotic or machine. They are lazy to step out from their routine, using the same old “formula” of doing thing.

For example:

What you normally see those people approaching you for promoting their products or services. Let says, this girl in the shopping mall, see you step into the shop. Normally, they will wish you “Good day! How may I help you?”; Normally the response they get is “I am fine, thanks” and continues your journey into the shop.

Next, this lady will follow you like “ghost” behind you (“in case you need help”)… You turn left, she turn left. You turn right, she turn right. Ended up, you steps out from the shop without buying anything. Whereas she, didn’t managed to sell you anything.



Since this approach is not workable, why still so many shop assistants using this approach. Guess, this has been programmed into their mind and they just continuous doing it without assessing whether it is a good approach in selling / promoting.   


To conclude:

… to survive in today competitive environment, one need to step our from their “shell” and creates a unique ways of doing thing. If the old approach not workable, then try a new one. Keep experiment till you success.  

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Life, Career and Passion


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