My elder niece asked me a quiz after she awaked from her afternoon sleep.
She said “What is Dog Painting?”

I looked at her and putting my thinking hat. Dog can paint? That must be an intelligent Dog in the world. How the dog hold the paint brushes? Can the dog differentiate all the colour and decide which colour to use? Or perhaps she is saying painting the dog? The more I think, the more questions pop onto my head. I don’t have any clue to the answer and looking at her blankly.



Then she laughs and said “First, put the paint onto the Dog’s legs and let her walk on top of the paper. Then, you got the Painting done by the Dog. Hahahaha!”

Oh my god! What a simple answer yet as a growth up, I couldn’t able to answer that. Perhaps, as we growth older, we adopt more knowledge and putting more things onto our brain. Our thinking became too complicated . Or adults have the tendency of “over-thinking” or in doubt of other people saying … So next time, listen carefully to what a child said.

The best part is when I asked her where she learn this quiz, she said “While I asleep, God send this quiz to me!”.



Everyone has a talent;

Every talent can earn you a living.

There is no limit to the ways you can earn!!!


I found this quote when reading one of the article. Very true as the quote said, every human being born in this world is given by God a certain talent. Every talent can be utilize in good use and earn themselves a living.

A person talented in cooking can turn themselves to a chef.

A person talented in baking can consider open a bakery shop.

A person talented in animal care can work in the pets grooming business.

 It is the matter of how you discover your own talent. Unfortunately, most people are too busy and occupied with the day to day job and daily life. They don’t have time to do self analysis and discover what their talent is. They are too occupied with chasing the lifestyle and their day to day routine works. Some even have to scarify their talent in exchange of the financial need.

One of the good example is one of my friend has the talent in photographing, however due to the work & life demand, she is unable to progress further into her interest and talent in this field. She is too occupied into her work and required the money to support the family.

 Sometime to make what you talent into living required lot of patience and determination. It is always the difficult moment at the beginning stage, no matter what task we do. Like baby began learning how to walk, they need to felt down many times and climbing up again.  Not easy, but doesn’t mean not possible.

As a parents, we should monitor the growth of our child and observe what the child talented in. Once identify that, they can began to nurture them into that field and hopefully in the near future, our society will developed more of people like Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Einstein and so forth.

Teaching & Learning

After stepped into the teaching field for the past 2 years, it make me realized teaching is not an easy task. It does test your patience level.  Further to that, teaching is a field that required one to continues learning and upgrading yourself.

During the corporate life, what we need to learn is “play well in the corporate game”. People you are facing are your big bosses and colleagues. One need to aware the sudden “Attack” from behind your back and never fall into some traps.

In the children world, the big boss has suddenly turned to all this little bosses that you are facing now. The game play is totally different. You need to know how to play “their” (children) game and at time you have to transform yourself to their age.  

Children at different age required different techniques in teaching them, as their span of attention is different. Some children is still under the development of their motor skills and cognitive development, thus one required to put lots of effort & patience when teaching them.

Some adults setting too high expectation for the children and has the tendency of viewing the children works at their own eyes.  Rather than giving the children step by step instruction or guidance, some went for a short-cut ways by doing it for the child. By doing so, the teacher not only destroy the children learning power, but developing the “dependence  child” or “lazy to  think child”.  As everything can be done by others, why I bother to do it!

Thus, when teaching children, adults need to lower their expectation and change their perspective onto the children’s eye, and not through their own lens. They can provide guidance but try avoiding “doing for them”. Children need to learn by “DOING’… one of the important & powerful learning.

Wishing all the best in providing the best learning and teaching for the young children!!!


Change”  – The world we are living is changing each day, same to our surrounding. Whether you like it or not, we have to face the change. Change is not easy for some people. The scare of the uncertainty, the scare of failure, the new adjustment of lifestyle and so forth.

When come to life and career changes, lots of people are facing a difficult time in making the decision whether to change or to stay put. Many workers are not happy with their employment – they complaint over and over again, unhappy with their bosses & colleagues & companies, unsatisfied with their salary and remuneration, and one going of nagging. However, they still remain in the company and doing the same old routine tasks years after years.

Why they don’t take action to resolve the issue and thing they not happy with?   

It simple…. Scare of Change!!! 

Reasons we have been heard are “If I quit, I may not able to find another job that provide me so and so salary and package”; “Without this job, I cannot able to survive with all my commitment & expenses”; “I am too old to move on to other job, no one will want to recruit me” and many more to tell.

Change can be a scary thing to some people. However, positive people take change as ways to open them another opportunity and perhaps towards something they are awaiting which they never experienced before.

 Change is something like closing one door and open another door to face all the new excitement and new experiences.

 It is your choice of whether to accept the Change that offer to you now. Only you can make the decision and no one else. Think smart and Act wise.


Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending

(Maria Robinson)

Living a life that without making any decision is impossible.

For the past two years, I have been living in a simple life … taking up a freelance teaching job, escaping from the corporate life, all the tension & stress from works and the nightmare  of working hours.  Living my life as there is no tomorrow. Of course, the downside is a huge scarified  in term of pay check and living a luxury lifestyle.

Two years ventured into children teaching and allowing me to re-evaluate my goal, my passion and my direction of life. At time, I began to questioned why I took up some paths that getting me longer to achieve what I want… why no one telling me what to do when I took up the wrong road… and so forth.  Those are the past.

Now, in front of me is another junction of life to choose from.  Which road should I continues my journey onto…. *thinking…. *thinking…. *thinking… and *keep thinking…. *still thinking….   making decision is not easy thing and guess we have to accept it as that is part of our life.

Time & Love Quote







TIME is very slow for those who wait,

very fast for those who are scared,

very long for those who lament,

very short for those who celebrate,


But, for those who LOVE,



(William Shakespeare)

Love is Service


Charity work is one of the tasks that I always wanted to do for a very long time. Due to the work demand and long working hour, I always put the charity at the back of my head. Until recently, I managed to find the time for this mission task.


The charity that I participate is held by the Church of St. Francis. The IHD Ministry is holding a “Soup Kitchen” every Saturday. They cook, buying food or groceries for the needy, providing medical care and medication, visiting, talking, listening, sharing and help the poor.


I pay a visit to their Saturday “Soup Kitchen” today. The church member cooked a big pile of fried rice and making some soft-drink for the 70 over Myamar refugee children.



The children are all well-discipline. The elder one helped to arrange the eating place for the small one. Each child is queuing and taking their turn to their sitting place. Do not flight over food or making loud noise. I am so in touch to see all these well-trained kids. After eat, they placed the plate to the designated place and help to clean up the place.


Even though, those children are not giving the best in their life, but I can see the joys, happiness and satisfaction in their face. Not like our children, do not know what “suffer” means. Giving them fried rice, but demanding for McD or KFC. Not these children here, a plate of fried rice for them is so priceless.


This visit does open my eyes and perspective. Happiness doesn’t means you have to be rich, living in big house and eating big fish & meats everyday. A simpler meal may means a huge happiness for a hunger man.



Appreciate what you have now. Extend your help to those that needy. It is not just the money you donate, your present to be with them can really makes a huge different. You will experience the inner joys and light within you. Trust me, I experienced this myself. 




Love cannot remain by itself – it has no meaning.

Love has to be put into action, and that action is service.